December 23rd, 2012

Lolita Blue

BTSSB Reservation Question

Hi lovely ladies! I've reserved items from BABY with no problem before, but I've sort of run into a new quandary and thought I'd come to comm for some help.

I reserved a couple of items from the new Usakumya line (yay!) and got my automated email no problem. I'm now anxiously awaiting my invoice email so I can pay and then start anxiously waiting for my items. However, I was browsing through the website today and saw they had a notice that the online shop would be closed for "answering inquiries and processing orders" from Dec 22nd to Jan 6th. This made me a bit worried because I know that if you don't receive your invoice email from BABY you have to contact them within 7 days otherwise you run the risk of getting your reservation canceled and (worse) being black-listed. But, if they're closed for the next two weeks...?

I've never reserved around the holidays with them before so I haven't run into this situation. My absolute worst nightmare would be to get black-listed by BABY, so any input or experience would be greatly appreciated!
FLCL - Arasaka

Official / unofficial sizing for Innocent World's Rose Angel Basket skirt - Found, thank you!

Hello all, I hope this finds you well during the holiday season. I have just one small question regarding sizing ( both min and max waist measurements ) for Innocent World's Rose Angel Basket skirt which came out in 2008. . I've found numerous entries for the JSK version but not one in Lolibrary or HelloLace regarding the skirt. If you have any info I'd greatly appreciate it.