December 22nd, 2012

Angelic Pretty Tote Bags Query

Dear all
Hope you can help with this query: I am collecting Angelic Pretty tote bags with food prints in particular. I wish to find out if the following prints are featured as BORDER prints in eco totes.
I have looked on Lolibrary and HelloLace for help, but have not found info on the following:
Sugar Fairy Cakes
Petit Patisserie
Sweet Cream House
Tea Time a la Carte
Wonder Story
Honey Cake
Glass Bottles of Tears
Dreamy Doll House
Please do comment if you know whether there are border print eco totes for the print series above. Thanks!
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happy nef

Bodyline order

I bought something from Bodyline early this month. Bought it on the 9th (being the 10th over there) and it went out on the 11th. It ended up dispatch from the exchange office on the 13th.  Now, it often takes a day or two for it arrive to the states but this time (even thought it may be a week or more for it to leave the airport), from my tracking number, it hasn't updated since the 13th and is still in Japan. I even used USPS tracking and it says the same thing.

Now I'm assuming this has something to do with Sandy a few months ago, but being JFK is a busy airport and one of the biggest hubs for International shipments, I would think they would have gotten everything back to order by now. It's now the 22nd (23rd over in Japan) and I'm getting really worried. 

Is anyone else having/had the same problem? 

Loli addiction

So Im sure we all(maybe its just me) have an addiction when it comes to frills. Maybe you are a in love with acsessories(sp) and cant keep them away from your cood or something. Or something you have WAY too much of....
(I dont know if this is in the memories. I looked, but I am also what I like to call "Memories-retarded"....I have the hardest time with it....)

Mine are:Minihats. I have 7. At least 3-4 times more than I have of ANY other accessory
And...Prints...its not healthy....nope. Not at all

So what are you "Lolita addictions"?.