December 21st, 2012

Angelic pretty Japan Shopping Services for Chocolate Rosette


I'm looking through some post, but they are all outdated.

Im looking for a reliable Japan shopping service for Angelic pretty webshop or in-store. I really want to buy the Chocolate Rosette JSK in brown.
Most of the SS I asked are full on reservations. And JaponicaMarkt is not open at the midnight release.
I found Celga, but I never used this SS before and not sure if they are willing to be at the midnight release.

I hope someone has a SS that still has a slot open for me. Or has a more up to date List of Japan SS.
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Vancouver BC meetup announcement (DATE CHANGED)

I decided i wanted to make some friends on my trip so I am planning a Loli-day on boxing day. At least the 28th if that works for peeps.

The meetup will take place at 1100 Chestnut Street Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 3J9. (HR MacMillan Space Centre)

I will be there from 1 pm to at least 3.

Hope to meet you there!

- Celiy
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January Banner Art Contest Reminder

Hellooooo artists of EGL! If you are planning on submitting artwork for the upcoming banner contest, here's your friendly reminder! Due to the holidays, I am extending the submission deadline to midnight, the evening of December 26th, PST. (Likewise, I would appreciate if you'd be lenient on me if I don't manage to get the new layout up on the 1st. ;) This means that the contest will run from the 27th-29th. More details on how to enter are in this post.

Happy holidays!