December 20th, 2012


What's Your Lolita New Years Resolution?

I was thinking about what I'd like to accomplish in terms of Lolita in 2013.

Do you have a Lolita New Years Resolution?
Do you want to spend less money on Lolita?
Spend more money on Lolita?
Wear Lolita in public for the first time?
Expand your Lolita wardrobe?
Own brand for the first time?
Visit your favorite brand store in Japan for the first time?
Things like that.

I thought it would be a fun discussion and that it would be interesting to see if anyone else had similar goals.

Question about Meta lucky packs.

Hi everyone!

I'm just wondering if Meta will be coming out with any more lucky packs.
I've already seen the skirt ones, but will they have JSK or OP packs?
It would seem kind of late for them to put out more, but could it be possible?

I'm trying to figure this out before I get the skirt pack just in case the come out with others. @~@