December 18th, 2012

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Curiousity is ticking

Hello everyone.

I was interested in doing a bit of research over a subject matter that for the most part has been a backburner issue for me. It involves brolitas (or male lolitas) and the way they are viewed in the community. I would like to gather other people's opinions on the matter and so I created a list of questions for others to answer. Hopefully I will be able to take the answers and summarize everything in a blog post for others to read.

I can understand if this is a dicey subject to answer. So as with all surveys, feel free to ignore it and move on. Also, if said post is not allowed, please feel free to delete this.

Edit: sorry to everyone. I made a bad decision to post the survey as a livejournal entry. I should have made a poll and i will work on that asap. Still, thank to those who responded.

Hopefully ill get thT poll going within the next couple of days.

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Angelic Prettty Paris shop petition

Hello all!

As you may have heard, Angelic Pretty Paris is going through a bad patch. All European lolitas could be affected, that the reason why we decided to make an online petition and to post the link here (you'll find more information there -in English and in French-).
Your signature would be helpful. We do love Angelic Pretty, and don't want our beloved shop to be neglected!

The link:

Thank you so much <3 
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  • kolaaa

Coordination help wanted!

Hi, I have been into lolita for many years and I wear mostly gothic and classic lolita. I own some sweet pieces too but they are all very toned down ones like AP Sheep Garden. But my secret wish is to own AP Milky Planet dress or skirt some day. I absolutely adore the print and it haunts me all the time. But how can I make a coordination of it that's not too over the top and not too sweet? In my mind it seems impossible and that's why I'm asking you lovelies what would you do? I like the yellow colourway most. Any pictures of possible coordinates would be awesome! And sorry, my English is not very good, it's not my mother language.
Sincerely yours,

Reserving for the first time! Excited and confused!

Hello. I'm completely in love with AaTP's new release, "The Empress Who Loved Death - Elisabeth". I want to reserve it but I'm unsure of how to go about it! I've never bought brand before so I really need help! 
I don't exactly understand the rules of agreement either. The translation through my internet must be wonky! Also, they say that they'll start accepting reservations on the 21 but I can already reserve it? I'm very confused!
Can anyone guide me through the process?