December 14th, 2012

  • ananann

Rocking Horse Shoes- Help!

Okay, so I really like Bodylines RHS but they are out of my size and the color I want. Does anybody know when they get new shipments in? Also, what are your opinions on just wearing them everyday as well as with coords?
All help is appreciated!
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Can anyone help me identify this blouse? :)

Angelic Pretty's Soap Bubbles skirt (rainbow colorway) is one of my dream pieces, and recently I found this coordinate from the Angelic Pretty website. :)

I absolutely /adore/ that blouse, but search as I may on hellolace and lolibrary, I can't seem to find what it is!
I assume it's Angelic Pretty by the visible tag and the fact that it was an AP coord, but that's about all I can discern.. would any of you happen to know what it is? c:

Washing Lolita OP

Hey everyone,

I wanted to ask if anyone knew if the Swan Lake OP from Meta can be machine washed or even washed at all? It really needs a wash but Ive heard stories that the print bleeds. Does anyone know what part ?

I asume it may have to be drycleaned but Iḿ not really sure.

Iḿ appreciate some help, really want to wear my lovely dress again :)