December 13th, 2012

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Are all Men pedophiles? Do you find the film clip more insulting than the poster? (clip inside)

A while ago we were brought to our attention the documentary "Are all Men pedophiles?". While the subject may or may not interest everyone on a personal educational level, what really threw us off was the use of a lolita on one of their movie posters.

It has been a while now and one can easily find the film online (much to the dismay of the filmmaker who charges $30 for the 70 minute DVD). I took on the film maker's offer to watch the film and not make "wild assumptions". I have picked out and uploaded the "section about Japanese culture" that the film maker said is the reason why there is a lolita on one of the posters. Unlike other sections of the film that study the subjects of The Church, US fashion/model industry and so on, the section on Japan is... one minute long. Does he offer enough information about the subject in that minute?
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Juliette et Justine Order Process

I am SO EXCITED, for Christmas my husband has bought me my first JetJ dress, "Le Cadre Du Chat!" This is my first time ordering from them, how long does it normally take them to confirm your order through email? I've received the first automatic email after placing my order, but then it says they will send you another one to confirm your purchase. It's only been 2 days since I placed my order, so this is just me being totally impatient, but I was curious what the average wait time is? 
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Problem with Closet Child

Konnichiwa ^__^
2 weeks ago i purchased a jsk from Closet Child. they give me an EMS track and there was no problems.
Today i received a letter from the Post Office. They said the package is at our Post Office but on the letter there is another tracking, from Fiji Islands.
i didn't made any other orders, just this one.
did this happened to other lolitas?
this is the first time i ordered something from Close Child, and i'm a bit confused ):
thanks to everyone and have some  nice Christmas Loli-days <3
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J-Fest in Moscow

Just over a week ago quite interesting event called J-Fest was held in Moscow.
It is dedicated to various sides of Japanese culture including lolita fashion as well (and it was at about the same time as International Lolita Day this year).
On Saturday Gothic&Lolita festival made special fashion show there and on Sunday there was the best lolita outfit contest.
I would like to share photos with you, so if you are interested, let`s go)

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Barrettes - How to get them to stay?

Hi lolitas ^^
Just a quick question.

I recently bought an AP barrette (polkadot chocolate to be exact) and am finding it difficult to clip on the top of my head so it'd be in a similar position to what a headbow on a headband would be. I try to slide it under as much hair I can, but it just ends up slipping off if I move. It doesn't help that I have quite fine hair.
Has anyone got any tips for wearing barettes in this style? Is there a good way to attach it to a headband or something that will hold it there? Are there other nice ways you can wear a barette? So far I've only been able to wear it on the back of my head clipped around a decent amount of hair.

Thanks a lot! <3