December 11th, 2012

Questions for Lolita seamstresses

Hi guys! :)

Now, I'm curious. After ordering Christmas presents from a Lolita seamstress, it got me thinking: I'm a lifestyle Lolita (pretty much). I love sewing and embroidary (and I'm not too shabby at it, without sounding like I'm blowing my own trumpet), I love designing dresses and blouses and skirts, I'm studying art in college at the moment and incorperating Lolita in to my projects in any ways I can.

How could I start my own little "brand"? -If I'm honest, I'm not 100% sure if that's the right term-

Do you need a certain qualification to become a Lolita seamstress, or is it all experience?
Do you need any special equipment?
How do people find out about you?
Is it possible to make a living from this?

This is something I would love to turn in to a career, so any advice is greatly appreciated :)

ANOTHER Bodyline shipment problem... :/

I ordered from Bodyline on November 26th, with AIR shipping. My order was processed November, 28th. It's been sutck on "Origin Post is preparing shipment" since December 4th. Usually I get stuck up at US customs in New York, but this time, it sounds like they haven't even shipped it! That, or it's taking forever to get flown over here.

I've never had problems with this before. Anyone else having this issue?

I'd contact Bodyline, but it's... you know, Bodyline... >_>

Does anyone own this BABY JSK?

Hello. Since I finally have a job I want to spoil myself and finally buy my first brand JSK. I'm really interested in buying a JSK that I happened upon while window shopping BABY's site. I've heard really good things about their sizing too and am curious if anyone owns this JSK. I would love to see how it looks worn. 

This is the link to the JSK

I fell in love with the fabric. I got so excited to see the little white marks were stars! Plus it's my size! I couldn't find it on HelloLace so I'm guessing it's fairly new to the site. And I love to hear your options on the colors. Which do you like? I'm leaning towards the NavyXOff-white but am sort of liking the white one now.