December 8th, 2012


London Lolitas?

Hi!  This is my first post to egl. :D

In early January I'll be starting spring term at a London university in their study abroad program, and I'm hoping to make new friends and immerse myself in London while learning more about Lolita (since I'm still pretty much a Loli-in-training).  Are there any organized Loli groups in the city or nearby?  Is there an online community I could join?

Thank you!
egl side

Wig stores in Seoul?

I'm going to Seoul soon and I wonder if anyone knows any physical store for high quality wigs. I'm a classic lolita so I'm not looking for unnatural colored wigs, just long brown wavy wigs. I know several Korean wig brands like Gabalnara, Gabalmania, Gabalstory, Funnywig, Pinkage but do any of them have physical stores where I can go and see the wigs in person?
Thank you!