December 7th, 2012

Cyperous Wig Help for Blonde

I've only seen worn pictures of Cyperous wigs in brown or black, so I was wondering if someone could help me.
I'm looking for a wig from Cyperous that is as close to this shade of blonde as possible:

Does anyone have knowledge of how the colors look outside of the stock photos? I'm looking for a longer wig, as well.

Something similar to this:

or this:

Thank you!

Baby not accepting PayPal? [solved]

I was just on Baby's site looking to buy a parasol, when I saw the message

"【Important information for overseas customers】

Since it is treated as domestic online-shopping when the delivery address is in Japan,
payment will be accepted only through the Japanese bank.
The payment through PAYPAL cannot be accepted. "

I don't remember seeing this message before, and I bought something using PayPal just a few months ago. Is this something new? I'm kind of concerned, because I don't know another way I can pay.
This message was in the "Others" section, if that's important.
Sorry if this is old news or something, but I really don't remember seeing that. :/ And I don't know how to order now.
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