December 6th, 2012

Question about h. Naoto's macaron OP

I haven't posted here in years but I just got the macaron OP from h. Naoto and it fits fine... except the gathered paneling sits really high on my chest and my bust is actually where the corset lacing is. It works for me because I'm mostly flat up top but it just seems like a really odd design choice if it is intentional. So I was wondering if anyone else who has this OP noticed this too or if perhaps mine is actually flawed... Comments anyone?
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Interview with a Lolita's boyfriend: a guys perspective

So over the past 8 years I've been stalking egl, I have seen many posts asking what do your boyfriend/husband/significant other/etc. think of lolita. I've seen even more submissions on various secret sites about people longing for love and how its impossible to find it while dresses this strange fashion.

So, wince it is a topic that is brought up quite often, I decided to interview my boyfriend about lolita and his thoughts about this fashion I've surounded myself with, and thought other lolitas would like to hear a non alternative fashion boyfriend's thoughts.

And if anyone else decides to do the same I'd love to watch! ;D

Here's the link to the interview. I'm on my phone and can't figure out how to embed the video on here :/

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Victorian gift giving and Christmas traditions

I wrote a blog entry about Victorian Christmas traditions, including a short synopsis on gift giving during that time. Since the general monthly theme is gifts, I want to share that excerpt here and invite you to read the full entry which further explorers the elegance of a Victorian Christmas. To start a discussion, I also posted a few questions on your thoughts on Victorian gift giving.
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