December 3rd, 2012

Little Drawer: My Recent Batik Projects

Hello lolis!

Last time I was comissioned to make a lolita dress using Indonesian traditional fabric. Since then (And this is quite recently too!) I was comissioned to another two similar projects. While I do cater to conventional lolita dresses, these projects excite me since it has a somewhat fresh 'oriental' look. That's why I would like to share them here!

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Would this be thrifty or just trashy?

This may make some of you cringe at just this thought, but oh well.  I'll keep this very short.

I'm poor.  Yes, a lot of us are poor, but I'm pretty much at "Can't pay bills" poor.  It has been my dream for years to own a proper lolita dress (I am mostly a fan of classic!), but of course, one cannot afford 300 dollars in clothes for a single outfit.  Anyways, I live in a very old house that my Great-Grandmother lived in since she was able to own her own with her husband.  (Built in `32).

 Anyways, she has collected over the years a plethera of moderate-high quality bedsheets (GASP!), and since she no longer lives here and...I want a dress, and I'm not using these sheets, do you think it would be acceptible to turn them into dresses, skirts, etc?  Or is that a crime against fashion?