December 1st, 2012


Uhm what?

Ok, So I know that shipping is going to be slow right now with packages from Japan due to the season but I'm completely confused?

I made a bodyline order on the 12th of last month (November) and they sent me one tracking number. And that's been updating until the 22nd,

Now all of a sudden Bodyline sent me ANOTHER tracking number (which I guess I understand seeing as how they had to split the packages) but when I checked the tracking for that second number they sent me it shows that it's as of the 28th it was still being processed in Japan.

Is this normal? I thought they sent both packages out at the same time? ._. I'm confused...

Can this blouse go into the washing machine?

I have a blouse from Baby, one of their plainer ones. It's white, with strips of small lace on the collar, and a big lacey collar. I usually wash it by hand, but it's really a pain. Would it be able to go into the washing machine on gentle? If so, should it be warm or cold water? I'm a little worried about ruining the lace. And can it be washed together with a pair of pink socks? They've both been washed a few times before, so they shouldn't bleed, but I'm not very used to washing nice clothes, and I want to be sure.