November 30th, 2012

Tell me what you think about my jewellery this time ^^

Hello to all ^^,
i wanna show my new jewellery since last time the items i did weren't that great in my opinion but this time i suppose i improved about jewellery making. Please give me some advice and constructive critique about them and i hope you can like them! I have also a little store and here you can see my new stuff, there is too little but i'll make more items later.

BTSSB umbrella / necklace shipping?

Hi guys!
I placed an order with BTSSB a couple of days ago. I ordered an umbrella and a necklace.

I know they send umbrellas separately. So, knowing that, I waited. And I got my umbrella this morning :) (looks great btw!). Kinda hoped they would put the necklace in the box (it's so small!) but nope, they didn't. I haven't got any news about my necklace though. Is there supposed to be another tracking number for it? I guess there's no tracking because it's so small... I thought I would get it the same day because it was sent the same day :/. Did it ever happened to anyone? I don't want to send them an e-mail because I'm scared of being blacklisted : | so I guess I'll just wait and see if anyone knows something about that!

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A few tips on dressing for very cold winters!

Hello everybody!

Living myself in a very cold country (average of -15°C to 20°C and down to -35°C in January), I thought I'd collect a few tips on how to stay warm for the winter. Sure, some of them might not apply to everyone and every weather, these are however good ideas to try out if you're courageous enough to wear Lolita despite the cold! :) I hope they come in handy to some of you. ^^
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Thank you! :3