November 28th, 2012

Help! Coordinate advice/ lolita question

Hello fellow frilly adventurers!
Today I come to you in need of your guidance. OTL
I recently obtained two dresses and the way they are cut is a bit weird.
My hands are at my natural waist in the first pic.
I am not sure how/ if i could find a lolitable belt to belt these in or if it is a good idea to begin with.
I know there are plenty of elastic belts but are those really lolita appropriate?
If not any suggestions on how to wear it/ drop the waist? (I have access to a sewing machine if that helps!)
Thanks for looking!
P.S. Any pictures of these dresses in a coord would be awesome too! Please share <3!

Help a newbie out?

Hello all!

First off, I'm going to start by saying that I'm new to Lolita (but super-interested!), and I'm trying to find one or two good, reliable, and affordable shops to buy things from. I really have no idea what I'm doing (or supposed to do) at this point, so any help I may receive from you all would be greatly appreciated. ^^ (Also, does anyone know why the busts in a lot of Lolita dresses are made so small, and if there are any stores that make dresses with a somewhat bigger bust?)

But onto my more specific (and imperative) question: I stumbled upon the Bodyline store recently, and they have really cute accessories! o///o I was wondering if any of you lovelies have ordered jewelry or accessories of any kind from them, and if so, are they durable? What I mean to say is, do they break/fall apart quickly? I admit I'm a bit wary since the prices are so low, so I'd like better knowledge before I actually make a purchase.

Also, how are their dresses? Are they well-made/made of durable materials as well?

Well, that's about all for now from me, and sorry if I asked a really simple question, or made an annoying déja-vù post. I looked through the community the best I could before making this post, believe me. ><
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Closetchild payment question.

So, I got some problems here. Today, I tried to order from Closetchild. After I pressed the order, I accidentally payed it via Paypal. I didnt know I had to wait. I payed it like Bodyline. I mean, they haven't informed me about if they have the item or not. I felt a bit stupid of myself about not reading the English instructions because I knew how to read Japanese. but, now what should I do about it??? How do I contact Closetchild? I cant find any email address that I can contact on that page...
Im realising that Im doing something stupid here....
If they had the item, would they know that I paied it and only charge me shipping? and If they dont have it anymore, would they refund me???

Need help, and am very anxious about what happened.

Trying to find a post.

I am currently trying to find a post that was here not too long ago that was talking about what everybody thinks would happen to lolita industry in 2 years, 5 years and 10 years. I have tried searching it but had no luck. I dont remember the subject nor who posted it and when exactly, if anyone happens to know about it, please reply me.

Thank you.