November 27th, 2012

LOLita moments -- Share your funny stories!

(I apologize to the mods, I wasn't exactly sure how to categorize this one!)

There's a lot of talk on the forums about things that happen in lolita. Most of these tend to be on the negative slant--bad experiences, how people react to it, rude things that have happened to you, etc. Some of them are more positive, such as the few "nice things that people have said to you" threads. But I decided that I'd prefer something that wasn't quite so serious. So instead, I'd like to hear about the funniest thing that's ever happened to you in lolita. Feel free to share more than one story, if they come to mind!

I feel like, with winter settling in and raising its gloomy iron fist over my area of the US, we could all use something to warm us from the inside out other than hot chocolate with marshmallows!

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FanplusFriend corsets- good idea or bad?

Hi there! (first post yaaaay, hope I did this right. Please correct me if I did it wrong!) 
I was thinking about getting a corset this Christmas, but I'm trying to decide where to get it. I will probably get it for. Timeless Trends, as I've heard tons of nice things about them, but fan+friend has some cheaper ones. Most look... Costume-y, but there a few that look good. They're steel boned, and appear to be in nice shape, but I'm kinda afraid that when I get it it won't look like the picture. This one, to be exact. 

Is there anyone who ordered from them who can tell about the quality? It would be much appreciated! Also, I've made and worn corsets before,  so my waist can go down to about 23. Will this one suck me in me as much?
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Bodyline Airmail Help please!

So on nov. 8th i made an order on BL of course my stuff was shipped out on the 13th since AIR ships out every tuesday. My tracking updated until around the 15-16th it says orgin post is preparing shipment. After that nothin :. 
today is the 27th and I have not received any update or anything. I've heard people saying they get their stuff the week after, some people are saying that it could even take 3-4 weeks and I'm so confused. I chose Air because I bought quite a few things and it would make my order exceed $200 @_@. 

 I live on the eastern side of the US so I guess sandy could be an issue but I live in the south ._.
Help or advice please?

Forgive my English it's terrible and obviously not my first
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