November 26th, 2012

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How to unsquish a hat?

I just got a Fox Cherry hat in. It's very cute and seems to be well made. Someone said one time that they didn't use felt or wool, that they used some kind of flocky material. Maybe they use that sometimes, but this hat is felt and the tag says 100% wool.

But it was sent squished and folded it up in the box. I'm pretty upset, but I don't know if Fox Cherry sent it to the shopping service like that, or the shopping service did it. I checked the box asking the shopping service to remove extra packaging to reduce extra weight, but I assumed they would use common sense and not fold up a felt hat...

Here are some pictures. They came out pretty washed out by the flash. It's a prettier color, and you can't see the dents very well, but you can get an idea of what I'm working with.

Collapse )

I've shaken it out and tried to reshape it, but it still looks pretty stupid. Since lolita's kind of an immaculate and "perfect" looking fashion, a messed up hat would kind of ruin my look. I thought of trying to steam the hat, but I remembered going to a panel at Dragon Con where a professional prop maker or costume maker was talking about how you can use steam to take all the shape out of old cowboy hats and make cool steampunk ladies hats. So I'm kind of scared to do that. Is the steam from my iron safe to use? Or will it undo the hat?

Or is the hat just messed up? It's this hat, which seems to be sold out, but this is what it actually looks like.

Two clothing care related questions

My first question might help more people than just myself... I remember a while back there was a post on translating Japanese clothing tags. (like the washing instructions) I thought it was in the memories, but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone else have the link saved somewhere? If someone has it, I would recommend a mod add it to the memories.

I would also like to know if anyone has washed Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's "Alice and her Black Cat" print in pink in a washing machine. I washed the purse with no negative effects, but the purse doesn't have the brown bits on it, so I'm too nervous to try the skirt. I've cleaned it with Dryell successfully probably more than a dozen times, but even though it's not noticeably stained or smelly, I feel like it's time for a deeper clean.

Help making a christmas co-ord!

Ok so I bought these [1] [2] SUPER CUTE accessories from claire to make a Christmas Coord. But I have no idea what to wear!! I own a black dress and a black skirt. But how could I balance out the black? 
I was wondering whether I should buy a White OP, JSK or skirt (I already have a white blouse) but that might look too white...
The other option is to get a red item, but I wouldn't know whether the reds match up or not....
Also, I'm SUPER skint, so the items would have to be offbrand or second hand or something that's cheap.
Hope you can help.

I love Bodyline if any one can think of one that'd look nice! 
I was looking at these  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] but I'm dreadful at recognising things that match, so I'm relying on you guys! :)

Reviews on Bodyline I378 please?

I've been eyeing this Bodyline dress in black for quite a while now and was wondering if any of you lovely ladies happened to have it? I'm particularly curious about the measurements. I converted the ones on the site to inches and they're all a bit too big for me. If it doesn't run small, does it look like it would be possible to take it in?
Thank you for any help.