November 25th, 2012

Help coordinating an AP salopette?

Hello everyone ^___^ I know that salopettes aren't technically considered "lolita", but I was wondering what I could wear underneath it. I have AP's "Toy Fantasy" in the black colourway.
I want to wear a cutsew under it instead of a blouse, to keep it casual. Would any pastel//matching colour t-shirt look alright under it?
Anyone who has experience with this salopette? Thank you! 

Large Feet Want RHS

Hello everyone!
I was wondering if any of you know of a place (brick and mortar, or website) that sells rocking horse shoes in really big sizes.  I wear size 13 US womens and am having a heck of a time finding anything.  I found a site a year or so ago, but didn't buy then and have since lost track of it :'(
I would really appreciate any advice!
I am sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, I could not find any previous postings regarding this.
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So, Bodyline's flat heels?

I've been looking at Bodyline's shoes for a while now being I'm not a fan of heels (hurt my feet) and they seem to have a good share of flat shoes that all look pretty cute. My question however: are they comfortable? Or at least bearable for walking and standing for a long time.  

I'm look at there Shoes256 (wanted to get 251, but they're out of my size for the color I want) and thought I would ask for who own them or own some that are similar? 

Thanks =3
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When is the best time to order from Taobao?

So Christmas time is coming up and I may ask my boyfriend for something from the Taobao shops. Then again, I might wait until after Christmas to order something. However, I'm aware of the long Chinese holidays before and after the holidays. My question is; when is the best time to order from Taobao? Possibly, in a small list of sorts, of when is the best time to order throughout the year.

Taobao Brand-Chess Story's New Print

Has anyone seen this yet? It's called Starry Night Angel, and in my opinion it's really lovely~ 
Please share your thoughts about this print with me :)
Here's the link to the Jsk:
And the Sk:
The impression of the color scheme surprised me as it feels quite like Baby. But upon closer inspection the attention to the lace and the cutesy star clip reminded me of AP.
To sum it up, I'd say Chess Story is worth keeping an eye on :3

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