November 24th, 2012

Taobao review, Late Spring - Fall 2012

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Elegy Clothing custom pieces?

Hello there again :) I have searched and only found very few reviews via google on the brand Elegy Clothing, and while it seems clear their work is fantastic (and I hope to purchase an OP from them this weekend), I haven't been able to find much about their custom pieces. Has anyone here ever commissioned a custom piece from them? I'm curious about how the overall process worked, the time involved, a ballpark cost, reviews of the end result. etc.

Personally, I have a couple of brand skirts that I was considering asking to see if they could be custom altered into dresses, however, as I am far from a skilled seamstress, I don't know if such a request is even feasible or would cost less than the cost of a new brand dress. Any information about this gorgeous brand would be much appreciated!
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Lolita Bed Comforter Help!


I posted a Lolita Room post a couple of weeks ago trying to get you guy's opinion and ideas to help me get started. I am now doing the finishing touches and I need your help once more! I need a cute bed comforter. Do you know any good sites? My room is turning out to be sweet/classic but a bit more on the sweet side. Please help!! =)