November 22nd, 2012

Religion in Lolita -- Research

I've been looking for a correlation between alternative fashions and "alternative" religions, and I thought that it may be interesting to look into Lolitas as a group, as well (along with punks, goths, and others). I know that this topic can be a bit touchy for some people, so please, don't feel like you have to respond. I'm merely curious as to if religion is affected at all by those who are considered out of the "norm".

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Posting to Daily Lolita

It's already been well established that despite having had an account on lj for at least three years I'm still pretty much a noob. So I'm coming to you today asking for help on posting to Daily Lolita. I've finally worked up the courage to put my co-ords up for your (hopefully) viewing pleasure but I just can't seem to figure out how too.

I mean I'll upload the photo's but they just go next to eachother rather than flowing in a sucession and I can't move them. Then I can't add any text where I want it. And if anyone would be so kind as to tell me the best dimensions for photo's I'd be really grateful because that's another thing beyond my level of Lj knowledge.

So help please?

Japanese Mom Rages Against Lolita Teacher

I have a friend on mixi who was discussing a controversial question asked on Oshiete!Goo (goo's, a Japanese search engine, version of Yahoo!Answers), so I decided to translate it for this comm since it's pretty relevant.

Keep in mind this is just one person's opinion and/or could just be a troll, but I thought it would be fun to share and discuss.
I checked the mom's profile but there's no information about where in Japan this is, but it sounds like a small town.

I kept the original formatting and use of the word "gothloli" as it is still used widely in Japanese. I'm still learning Japanese so I might have some nuances wrong so please correct me if anything is off.

Link to original page:

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December Banner Art Contest Reminder

Hello, artists of EGL! Here's your friendly reminder that your entries for the December banner art contest must be received by midnight, the evening of November 25th, PST. Please also make sure that they are on a white or transparent background. Full instructions on how to enter are in this post.

Also, to our users from the United States, Happy Thanksgiving! :)

JetJ News: Le premier cri de prophete/L'eclat de Croix Re-release!

So, I randomly decided to tweet at Juliette et Justine's official Twitter about their plans to re-release the items from the EGL survey awhile ago, specifically the Le premier cri de prophete and L'eclat de Croix jumperskirts. They replied:

"We are working on the re-release plans, we will surely re-release them, but it looks like it will be next Fall/Winter.Thanks!"

So, good news is they're confirmed! Bad news is, not for another year :-( I was hoarding money, too. Maybe now I'll buy their library coat if they hurry up and release it soon . . . ? Anyway, I thought some of you would be as excited to hear this as I was.

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Mint Chocolate Picture Frame

Hi everybody I wanted to share pictures of the mint choco picture frame that I made

I made everything on the frame , I painted it myself and i hand sculpted all the 56 charms on the frame and made the bow.

I would love to hear what you guys things about it. Its probably one of my favorite things I have made so far.

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