November 21st, 2012

Reserve from BtSSB/AAtP?

Hello, I live in the US and I would like to reserve a dress from AAtP's new set. I haven't ordered from them before, and I was wondering if there's someone who has done it before who can tell me the easiest way to do it. I looked on their site, and it appears you just use their online shopping cart, but its description of making payments is odd and a little vague. Thanks :)
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Situation with Maikodolly

UPDATE 1 December It seems that several people have had the money they received as a refund held by PayPal. If this has not happened to you, you may wish to empty your PP balance as a safeguard, to ensure your money isn't unfairly held. If this has happened to you, please contact maikodolly to ask her to urge PP along, since they can proceed more speedily with information from her.

UPDATE 27 November 2012 This buyer has begun to repay affected sellers. Please send her a message if you have not received a resolution, and message a mod if you don't hear back from her within 3 days.

UPDATE 22 November 2012 If you have been directly affected by this situation- even if you have received a resolution through PayPal- please contact your local authorities with the following information. If you are located outside the US or for whatever reason can't or don't want to contact your local authorities, please send the information to one of the moderators and we will ensure the authorities get the information.
Full Name:
Date Transaction was Made:
Amount of Transaction:
Item(s) Sold:
PP Transaction ID:
Links to Sales Post(s):
Screencaps of PMs and emails:

If you don't want your LJ name attached to the information please feel free to send it to the EGL Mods Facebook or We're trying to compile as much information as possible in case the authorities need to be contacted.

If you have had issues with this seller or need assistance, please PM A MODERATOR DIRECTLY. That will allow us to easily organize and track the information. 

If you need to get in touch with this buyer, she has said she is having LJ issues so you may have better luck proceeding via her FB. Please drop me a PM if you are a seller and need the link for contact purposes.

As mods, please note that we're really busy dealing with this situation and we don't have time to monitor outside sites and groups at this moment. If you spot a seller who has been affected by this situation on an outside group, whether they are a small-scale seller on the sales community or a larger-scale business, please encourage them to contact us here.

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