November 20th, 2012

Lucky pack item size

(Before I begin may i just state that having been a long time lurker on the comms, this is my first post so Mods ..please imform me if i have done this wrong :) Thank you)

Okey Pokey so as we are all aware the countdown to lucky pack season is soon to begin ( eeeeeeep )
After being unsuccesful last time I am hoping to purchase one from Innocent world however , I have a question for you lovely ladies and gents out there.
On receiving your lucky pack do you find that a majority of the contents you recieve run in the smaller sizes? or have you been lucky enough to recieve items that accomadate a range of sizes?
Having never bought from Innocent world before I am slightly worried of not being able to fit most items i may get ,
so i am just starting wonder if it would be wise to order one at all.
If this is of any help my measurements are the following
Overbust - 36inch/91cm
Underbust - 34inch/86.3cm
Waist- 32inch/81cm

Thank you in advance to your replys :)