November 15th, 2012

Witch Pheobe

Holiday Haul!: Where do you get the most bang for your buck?

Hey Community!

I know I've asked something a little bit like this in the past but I wanted to see if anything changes specifically for the holiday season.

So this is more of a general question inspired by the Holiday wishlist post; when you're wanting a haul of Lolita items where do you go? In your opinion, what stores are the easiest to deal with when doing large orders during the holiday season?

Also, what shops do you get the most for what you spend but not at the sacrifice of quality?

Responses would be much appreciated!

Edit: This applies to lolita items, not general shopping online. It can be either domestic or international. I live in the US so most of my shopping is done internationally if that helps anyone make suggestions.

What is on your Xmas/Holiday Lolita Wishlist?

Hello All Its Angel~

The Holiday season is upon us (And Lucky Pack Season is not far way) and I thought I'd start a fun discussion and photo sharing of everyone's Lolita Wishlist.
What is on the top of your wishlist?
Is it attainable?
Will you have to buy it yourself or do you have a nice relative or boyfriend/girlfriend who can gift it to you ^^
If you had the money, what would you buy XD?

Request: stock photos IW Francois Rose JSK in black


I'm looking for the stock pictures from IW Francois Rose JSK in black.

I have seen the sax version. But I can not find the black colorway anywhere.
I tried lolibrary/hellolace(not on it). IW store itself and I tried to google it.

Link to Lolibrary

If someone has this dress or the skirt and can make a photo or has a picture of it. Please send it to me.

Victoriangirldress on ebay

I don't know whether any one else has noticed, but it appears that much-loved victoriangirldress are no longer selling their beautiful petticoats!!
Does any one know any thing about this? Is it a pernament end or just a temporary break? I'm really upset because I was just on my way to place my order! :(
If it is pernament, does any one know of somewhere else where I can get those petticoats or one's of a similar price? (I'm too poor! T_T)
Thanks in advance for any replies!! :)