November 14th, 2012


Pacific Media Expo 2012

Hi everyone, first post from a long time lurker (since 2005 or so). I don't dress in Lolita myself but I just love seeing the designs and people rocking the outfits they've put together. Just thought I'd share some pictures I took at this year's PMX on Saturday November 8. We went on Saturday and there was plenty to see and do, including a panel by designer dolldelight, and a cute little boutique featuring BTSSB and Alice and the Pirates (no pics or video allowed). For a person who has never owned any brand pieces, it was a thrill to be able to check out the clothes and accessories in person. Plus it was cool to see lots of super cute ladies in their Lolita best. Clicky clicky to see (image heavy)! EDITED to resize pics

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Here's me being a jerk to a poor sweet little lady (it was her idea!) :P

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