November 13th, 2012

For the Creative Lolita's, What fabrics do you like?

I am looking at doing a pile of sewing after christmas this year, to boost my lolita closet and fill my need for dream prints that I didnt have the money to buy at the time. I've been stockpiling some fabric designs on spoonflower, and thought I would ask what designs people like at the moment.

Im looking at getting:

I really like the JetJ jumperskirts with the black bodice and print skirts, so I am looking at mostly making skirts and wearing them with a plain black dress I have that has the most amazing lace sleeves. But there will be a few that I make into JSKs. I would also love to design some disney inspired prints, after seeing the Disney anniversary prints released lately :)

So, what fabrics do you like? Anything you saw from a designer that you couldnt afford, but found similar fabric to? Or anything that just screams "make a skirt from me!!!"?

Moitie's Blog?

I am curious. I know Mana has a blog of his own, and naturally he talks about Moi Meme Moitie, but is there a seperate blog for the brand itself, just like Baby and Meta have blogs for all of their stores? If anyone has a link that would be swell! Thanks again!
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'Whoa! Bonnets look GOOD on me!' and other unexpected surprises

'How could this OP be so comfy? The measurements say it should be really snug!'

'I look AWESOME in head-dresses!'

'This petticoat is enormous! ...I like it!'

'Holy cow, I look taller in tiered skirts!'

'I thought I hated wigs, how come this one suits my face so nicely?!'

Everyone has had a moment of pleasant surprise in this fashion, whether it be because a pastel wig suited your skin tone perfectly, or hit the jackpot on closet-child, or that first time you took a gamble in a brand new style. Why not share yours?

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Doing a lolita video project...

Hi everyone, I'm doing a video project based on lolita. I wanted to talk about different topics within lolita. This won't be a public video, I'm going to be turning it into my instructor. I will be starting off saying what lolita fashion is, the history of it (Victorian era), and then the mentioning of brands. I want to talk about the fashion - I don't care much for the lifestyle, but maybe I should mention some things about it? So I will be mentioning different styles - sweet, hime, gothic, classic (those are the main ones?) and then some of the brands - AP, BtSSB, Moi Meme, Innocent World. As well as some Western brands - Annahouse, Sweet Rococo (don't know any others).

Please give me some advice? What are some suggestions I should use other than that to incorporate into my video?

Also, what are some links to some popular lolita blogs? I know of Parfait Doll. Do brands like Angelic Pretty or BtSSB have their own blogs? Misako Aoki?
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Paris BTSSB and Harajuku -- Opening hours?

I've recently come with my school to Paris for my art class, and we've been given a single day off to do what we like around the city. I decided that, since we were in Paris, I would check out a few of the lolita shops!

Now, I've found shopping guides, so that isn't a big deal. But what does concern me are the hours that the stores are open. I've searched for both of these, and I can't seem to find them anywhere!

Does anyone know when Baby The Stars Shine Bright in Paris is open? Additionally, if anyone knows the hours for Harajuku, as well, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

Looking for local community + short introduction

Hey! As this is my first post to the community (and first post on LiveJournal), I'm sorry if I do something wrong ^^''
I'm Layla from the Netherlands, pleasure to meet you ~ I've been lurking on the net and reading and observing for about a year, and I have been lurking on this comm as well :3 You know, looking at outfits and such, researching brands, and the basic structure of an outfit, so that I'm well informed when I start.  I currently do not have the possibility to be one, but as soon as I am able to I will! :D

Which gets me to the following question: Is there any local community here in the Netherlands? I've visited the Dutch Elegant Lolita page, but that one is kinda dead unfortunately. I'm just curious so when I get the chance to dress Lolita I can hopefully meet up with some others ^^

Oh! That reminds me. In my hometown (Apeldoorn) I was walking outside around Americahal where Boekenfestijn was being held, and I saw a Sweet Lolita on a bike. I thought it was best not to talk to her, especially as she was.. well.. riding a bike (I was walking and crossing the road there) and it looked like she was in a hurry. I was delighted though to see that it seemed like there were Lolitas near me. Perhaps.. if you recognize yourself in this story, let me know? ^^

Anyways, have a good day I guess ;P

- Layla
jsk, lolita dress

What do you thin of my new dolly jsk dress!

My new Dolly JSK Dress and matched haedbow arrived last sunday and i could not wait to wear it on. I wish it was sunny last sunday so i could take some pics with sunshine. Unfortunately, it was not, so i can only take indoor pics.

Not sure whether i look nice on this new Dolly JSK. Just wanna share here so maybe you could help me to give some suggestions or comments.  ^_^

My new jsk dress

This is a ivory dolly jsk (just a replica, but i like it). My lovely dolly ivory jsk, headbow and black dots stocking and black lolita shoes.

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