November 12th, 2012


Lolita shops in Beijing?

Hello everyone!  

I'm heading to Beijing this coming December for a few weeks and was wondering if there are any lolita fashion shops in the city.  I would imagine in such a big city there should be at least a few, but I'm having a hard time find them online.  Any kind of lolita is fine, sweet, gothic, or aristocrat.

Would anyone here happen to have more insight and can direct me to some shop names, websites, or addresses? 


Help! Where to find?

Heeellooo. So I fell in love with this blouse, as well as the coordinating skirt, and was planning on ordering them from taobaospree.

Then I read that "Accessories don't come with the blouse".. so no delicious bow and sadness. Where can I find something similar or identical, from anywhere. I am searching the old list of taobao shops now.. 3:

I don't know if I could find the lace separate from the bow and just put them together? I'm also open if anyone has any other suggestions as to what would go well.

Advice on buying from Victorian Trading Co

I saw a dress on Victorian Trading Co that I was thinking of purchasing. While Victorian Trading Co does ship overseas, I checked their international shipping rates and shipping alone for the dress to Singapore would be USD59.95 *_* Is this a standard rate for shipping a dress from USA to Singapore? The website didn't state what type of delivery service is being used, eg. USPS, FedEx etc

Would like to ask if there's any USA shopping service that could possibly ship the dress for a lower rate, through USPS Priority Mail International maybe (or would that be just as pricey?). Thanks!

Edit: I just checked and standard domestic shipping in USA would come up to USD19.95 already...ouch.

Easter meet suggestions.

Hey everyone!

Yea I know it's a bit early to already be thinking about Easter when Christmas has still to come and all but I like to start organising my events and meets a while before to prepare and such.

I had three options in thought;
1) Organise a Home-Made Easter meet. With a self made Easter inspired high tea with an egg hunt and other such games with prizes. Small and snug.
2)Organise a trip out e.g high tea in a cafe, visit a musem or art gallery. visit the fair, a zoo or do a photoshoot etc.
3)Hire a hall/room somewhere and organise a little Tea Party with the home made things and games where more people could attend eventually.

What do you guys think? Which one would you rather go to?

Thanks in advance for your kind suggestions and ideas.
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Baby, the Stars Shine Bright designer Q&A part 2!

After a few delays both expected and unexpected, the long-awaited Part 2 of our epic Q&A with the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates designers is now online! Check it out by clicking the image below.


Participating designers:


In part 2, the designers answer questions about "Kamikaze Girls", whether we can expect more Vampire-themed prints, list some of their personal favorite things, give their advice to budding Lolita designers, and more!

Check out Part 1 as well if you missed it (and if you haven't seen our other Q&A's, check them out too!) And watch for more Q&A's with icons of the Lolita fashion industry in the near future!

Taobao now Help

This is my first time purchasing with Taobao and I'm rather confused. My friend introduced me to Bhinder and I'm regretting not using it! The thing is do i have to wait for the seller to get my item in their possesion before they ship it to me? Or do they already have it and i am awaiting for the seller to say they shipped it and they are just very very slow (almost a week slow ^^")
The site says my payment is complete so I guess I am just waiting? Please help!
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