November 11th, 2012

Type of Petticoat for dress

Ok I plan on getting a petticoat from Classical Pupets but I'm not sure if I should buy  a A-Linee one or a Bell shaped petti.  I can only get one since it will be a christmas gift from my brother.  What time of dress would I wear these petti's with?  Comments with a pics of the dresses is greatly requested for an example!

DARK SKIN lolitas.

Now let's be honest here. What does everyone think of dark skin in lolita fashion?
We all have our own opinions. I've heard sweet style is the last thing people want to see a dark girl wearing. I personally think that blond hair can be a bit much on a dark girl unless she knows how to pull it off but other than that I see no problems. I'm in the process of becoming a full time lolita and I'm wondering what other lolitas will think of me.
The colors I primarily wear are: lavender, mint, green, sax, black and white. Occasionally pink. My dream style is hime. Right now I don't have a particular style.
Xelyna the Gothic Lolita
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World's Biggest Lolita Meet?

I really want to know- Which city has the world's biggest lolita population? Or at least, what was the biggest meet you have attended?

These days the lolita community seems more segmented within local groups, so it's hard to tell how the fashion is growing.

Post pictures of the biggest meet you've been to! I'll start:

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Lolita Around Family?


I had always longed to be a lolita since I first saw it years ago, and now my mom is finally letting me go after that dream. I have some dresses I am waiting on which I'm super pumped to get! I was planning on wearing one for Christmas for the first time around my family, but then I began thinking of how my family would react. They are the kind who would look down on someone who dyes their hair pink, or dresses outside of what people would consider "normal." Before I had worn some things that were not "normal", and had gotten a comment from my aunt saying I looked kind of like a whore. When I took it off everyone seemed to talk to me more. Some even said "Finally, there's our girl!!" > < I'm not necissarily scared of other people laughing at me for what I love, but when it comes to my family I'm terrified of being judged. I really don't want them to laugh at me in a mean way or look down on me, which I feel some would do, but I don't want to hide the things I love from them. I don't know if I should dress in lolita because that's what I love, or if I should keep it away from them.

I was wondering if someone could give me some advice as to what I should do.

Thank you! > <