November 8th, 2012


Milanoo Brings Out the Big Guns

Hello everyone,

I just found something interesting in my inbox, so I thought I'd share it. Recently I decided to put up a scammers list on hello lace, to help people identify all the crap to avoid. I've labeled most of it Milanoo, since it's either confirmed Milanoo clones, or possible Milanoo clones. If it looks like Milanoo, it's most likely Milanoo after all.

Well, Milanoo is very upset about this. So upset they're threatening to sue me under "American defamation law" as they kindly put it. Although I'm not American, so I imagine this could be a problem in their crusade for justice.

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Lolita frilly lingerie/underwear? (and on the side, some offhand taobao help please?)

I adore lolita, but I also want frilly/pretty lingerie/underwear to go underneath. Victoria's Secret is They don't have much delicate stuff I guess you could say. Does anybody else have this problem, or have you managed to find anything?

And this is just on the side, but can anybody help me with the sizing on these?
I know the waist, but the thigh, leg part is confusing me. Is that all the way around, or just one leg, or.... Sorry, first time ordering from taobao. 

Vogue covered Japan's Fashion Week...finally

I was looking for Vivienne Westwood ready-to-wear shows for the spring and look what I found!

They photographed Alice Auaa!

I'm kind of loving the aesthetic of the whole Alice in Wonderland thing, but where are the awesome cobweb pieces?

Love, hate, discuss. Do you think that perhaps one day we could have BTSSB on
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AatP/BtSSB Disney collaboration review

As for me, it's usually hard to decide whether I want the print or not until I see pictures of a real person wearing it. Since these two prints are supposed to be Japan only I thought I'd post a review with pictures so those of you who can't decide whether you want the print or not could make up your mind (:

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