November 6th, 2012

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all call for Kodona submissions

Hello everyone

The latest edition of BCM (formerly known as Belgian Cupcakes Magazine) is out now and available for free for your reading pleasure right here.

For our next edition of the magazine we're looking to do a fashion feature on kodona, so I'm looking for people to submit their kodona photos :)

What I need are high resolution photos (no no 500 pixels type things please, I need large formats in order for them to come out well such as e.g. 1333 or 1500 x 2000 at the smallest), proper (no messy rooms, webcams or mirror shots please) photos with an outfit run-down to go with them (even if an item is offbrand coming from e.g. Target, please list the store too). This way I can make a nice magazine style feature out of it (you can see an example in the current edition ^^). Of course both you and your photographer will be properly creditted!
You can send photos to hildekitten at gmail dot com :)

Thank you very much for reading this, and I hope I get a lot of submissions!

Hilde Heyvaert
Chief editor
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Caught on Camera

It's time for November's EGL contest! We have an interesting theme this month! Try to think outside of the box and have fun!

(The winners of the Oct Halloween contest will be posted soon. We're just working out a tie-breaker! Amazing entries everyone. Thank you! :D)

Contest Description
This contest has one prize regardless of people participating in the entry. To enter this contest, take a photo of yourself or a friend, with his/her permission, in an unlikely location (i.e. in the middle of a crowd of non-lolitas or wearing sweet-style in a dumpster). This contest will not simply be judged on your coordinate, but primarily on the incongruity of the placement of the lolita and on the overall aesthetics of the photo.

The Prize
This month's prize is a set of bloomers in a custom color donated by My Dearest Victoria (on etsy)
Don't they look adorable and cosy? Be sure to check out her shop and Facebook page for photos!

Contest Period
The Contest begins at the time of this posting and ends on November 30th at 11:59:59 P.M. Pacific Time (PT).

How to Enter
Post a reply to this link:
and include the following:
(i) The title for your entry. Entries without a title will be assumed to be "Untitled".
(ii) Your name as you'd like it listed with your entry and the names of any other group members.
(iii) Your entry which should include no more than 1 photograph. (Photo Collages are acceptable!)
(iv) Your contact email.

(i) The contest requires that you be a member of the egl community.
(ii) You must submit your entry during the contest period listed above. Only the first entry per Entrant will be accepted.
(iii) In the case of contests open to groups, only one entry per group will be permitted.
(iv) Members of egl_judges_comm are encouraged to enter but are ineligible to win.
(v) You must own the legal rights to any photos/videos submitted in your entry.

Judging and Selection of Winners
Entries will be judged by the members of egl_judges_comm. In the event that the judges come to a deadlock and are unable to resolve a winner, the final verdict may be determined by one of the following methods: (i) public vote (ii) random selection (iii) cupcake tossing. The judges will contact the winner by email after the contest has ended.

Unless specified, prizes are handled by a third party. egl_judges_comm and egl are not liable for the actions or inactions of third parties.

Good luck!
Interested in donating for one of our future contests?
Please go here to submit a donation! Thank you!

Patriotic Lolita

I've seen some photos floating around on Tumblr of lolitas in the US voting in today's election, and it got me thinking about something a little silly.

First off, did anyone wear lolita to vote, either today to vote in the US or previously in some other country's election? If you did, why so? Feel free to share pictures, I'd love to see since I voted by mail and voted in bed, in my pajamas, last week.

Second off, I wonder if anyone has any photos of patriotic themed coordinates? I've always thought it would be a fun idea to do a patriotic coordinate in the color of my country's flag but I've struggled to create a tasteful coordinate with this theme and I feel like I tend to make outfits that are, simply put, very tacky. I'd love to see some examples of this sort of theme outfit!

Finally, just to clarify that I don't want to start a political debate. I know emotions are running high right now so please, let's all hold off from talking about our views or candidates of choice to make things easy on the mods XD

Question on layaways

Hey everyone~
Just a quick question about buying.

Does anyone know if it's possible to buy something on layaway through a shopper service or anything?
I've spotted a gorgeous Infanta coat, but I don't have the money for it. ; v;
As far as I know, no stores offer layaway or any sort of payment plan other than upfront payment in full.

Thanks! :D

EDIT: Thank you for all the help!