November 4th, 2012


milan** strikes again?

so, remembering a while back that someone asked about lolita items on amazon, i decided to search there for lolita dresses to see what pops up. the usual drek shows up, as well as a few cute retro dresses.

and this. it's not bad - in fact, it's rather cute. it has no questionable lace, and is loaded with pintucks and ruffles - what more could a girl ask for? however, given our community's battle with the scammer that shall not be named, i was suspicious. we've known for a while that they've been advertising on amazon... what if they've begun selling there?

there were no big splashy watermarks on the pictures, but there were no backgrounds, either. though the pictures with dress forms still have their stands, so if it is the company that shall not be named, their photoshopping is improving. so i went to what i thought for a moment was the main page (turns out it was just their main lolita dress page). it's full of dresses of inconsistent quality. some look nice, and others are a bit unclear on the concept.

and then i saw that the company selling these dresses is called vogue gallery. let's see... lolita, cosplay, zentai suits and special occasion dresses? hmmm... sounds like the company that shall not be named to me. further proof - they've only been around since mid-october, and they're already shipping things late (or possibly not at all) and shipping things that are different from what the customer ordered.

since this amazon seller is so new, i've found no mention of them anywhere else. so, what do you think? is it *that* scammer? another scammer? something else?

edit: it is milan**. i contacted amazon, but so far, i've only gotten robo replies.