November 3rd, 2012

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Shoe Suggestions Needed

Hiya all :D Thankyou very much for the advice and info about the socks staying up question I had the other day ^^ Much appreciated!

Today I have a problem :(

I had bought these shoes from Anna House in Black (with the white middle area) in size 41. I had measured my foot on a piece of paper, and its 26cm. I take a US9 Womens shoe. So I thought it'd be ok. When they arrived a few days ago, they seem too big and wide. I have a narrow foot, so that may be the problem. I've tried on offbrand OTK socks with 2 inner soles to get them to fit snugger cause my feet were slipping around too much. Even after that, my heel still feels very uneasy with them on. I am scared I'll fall over as I can feel the heels slipping around as I walk, almost went sideways (as in ankle bending sideways) on my right ankle :S

I like my feet to be in the shoe and not moving around. I can move my heel back into the shoe, and as soon as I start walking in them, my foot slides down forward into the shoe and I can still stick a whole finger in the back of my heel between that and the back of the shoe. The gap worries me a fair bit :S But even if I get a 1/2 size down again, I'm worried its just gonna be as wide and I'll need the inner soles still so I don't move around so much. I usually wear inner soles with all shoes, cause it makes the shoe feel more comfy.

I'm so used to skate shoes, but I can wear boot heals fine. Even dress shoes are fine too. I have another pair of normal Lynx Mary Janes, but they don't look very special =/ They're my backup pair I spose xD

I was thinking maybe bodyline would have some shoes that are for narrow feet or some with better strap support? Or maybe AH shoes just arn't the best fits? A little worried as I need some black ones quick before an event coming up in under 2 weeks (Sat after next).
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F+F's 'Baroque Pipe Organ' print, and F+F print quality

So F+F has a new pipe organ print coming out.



I'm a music nut, so I'm all over this piece. I'm considering getting it in red for the reserve (or waiting until its official release to possibly custom order it in ivory/white to really make the print stand out), because the print pops more, but I'm not sure how well F+F's other prints hold up over time and wear. Does anyone else own one of F+F's printed pieces, like the Fairy Twilight skirt/jsk or Chess World, and can attest to their wear over time?
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Trouble ordering from BTSSB Outlet Sale - Any Advice?

Hi All,

Update 2: So it turns out this problem has a happy ending :) Baby got back to me with the shipping costs (3000yen, worked out to about 50NZD), and once I had paid they were quick to confirm payment, and send the parcle. They let me know when it was sent and it arrived really quickly. And it was worth the trouble/wait, the items are awesome, and it even came wrapped in pink tissue paper with a plastic BTSSB carry bag so I could feel like I just walked out of the store. I am really happy with my order, and thanks to everyone for your help and advice :)

Update1: Finally got an email with shipping information from Baby after emailing them many times. Hopefully all goes smoothly from now on and our items will arrive soon :) Thanks for all the advice!

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