November 1st, 2012

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Socks staying up.

I never wear OTK/Knee socks, just tights/stockings. But since they have adorable prints on a LOT of them, I was thinking of getting some pairs to put with my coords. I was wondering how do you keep them up? My fear is them rolling down, or slowly sliding down to the point where you're always adjusting them to where they belong :o Specially if they're only *just* over the knee and not thigh high.

I was thinking sock glue or tape, but never tried it :S I'm talking about brand socks and offbrand socks, I never have worn them. Do they differ much? Would AP socks be tighter then say the Bodyline or random-from-the-shops-in-your-area ones? And I know putting stockings or tights under the socks is a nono :o Pity, cause it seemed a good idea when its cold / don't want to show legs xD

What do you do / think? :)

Game Notice: Style Savvy 2

Hey, hey, hey!

Just wanted to make a post about the sequel to the fashion stylist game, "Style Savvy: Trendsetters" is out now for the Ninetendo 3DS. Like the original, there are Gothic and Sweet/Classic Lolita along with other alternative fashions in the game that you can dress yourself and customers. Plus, there are men-folk! (according to the official website I don't think you can dress them in ouji-style, though...)

I'm planning on getting it, how 'bout you? I played the first game and it's actually a lot of fun!

Official Website Link

loli shops in Vancouver??????

Hello! This is my first post yay~
I want to buy lolita clothes, but unfortunately I can't order online due to a lack of a credit card!
So i'm wondering if there are any stores that sell lolita clothing/accesories in Vancouver Canada???
if anyone knows any i would be very grateful if you could comment V_V thank you~
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Taobao stores for creepy-kei accessories?

Hi, just a quick question! Does anyone have any favourite or know of any taobao stores that sell creepy-kei style accessories, and t-shirts/tights/the like? I'm going a taobao order soon, and would love to get some creepy-kei style items to incorperate into my lolita and daily wardrobe C: Thanks in advance!