October 31st, 2012

Any OTT Sweet Lolita going to Nekocon?

I'm organizing a Lolita panel with a little fashion show to demonstrate the different sub-fashions. (I thought it would be more fun than just having them on a slide show.) The OTT sweet Lolita model had to cancel, so if anyone else is interested in taking their spot, please let me know!

How Do You Feel About Non-Print Replicas?

I know the debate about print replicas has been discussed up and down, but I'm curious to know how people feel about non print replicas. Specifically about shoes and purses, but also about dress designs and other things like that.

I feel really uncomfortable buying replica shoes... I went to my first meet and a girl ranted about replica shoes, so now I feel really nervous wearing and buying them, like I'm doing something wrong even if they're not illegal! I'm afraid other lolitas will look down on me if I wear them.

But as a new lolita I buy most items secondhand, and I have a hard time finding non-replica shoes in my size (L). I know Bodyline is an option, but I don't like supporting them because of their bad business practices. As for Taobao, I don't know if there are any shops that make original sweet lolita shoes and I know there are a lot of replica shops. I'm not familiar with every lolita shoe and I am wary of buying there because I don't want to accidentally buy a replica. I could be sure of not getting a replica if I bought straight from AP, but $150-$200 feels really expensive for a pair of fake leather shoes. As a sweet lolita, I feel like my only alternative is replicas since pink, white, and sax shoes are so hard to find.

So I guess what I'm wondering is, how do most lolitas feel about non print replicas? Do you think they're okay? Do you not like them but buy them anyways since there aren't other options? Do you think they're bad? Do you look down on people for wearing them? Can you even tell the difference between replica shoes and real brand shoes? Because I can't!

I haven't seen a lot of discussion on this topic so I'm wondering how people feel about it!

(Sorry mods, I've been a long time lurker but I'm a first-time poster... please let me know if I did everything right!)

AP Sweet Cream House Tights


I was wondering up to what waist size these would fit to.

My waist is 78cm and I was wondering if I would look like an overstuffed sausage in them.

I really want to see if an SS can get these tights, but I dont know if they would fit.

If anyone knows or has an idea if they would fit me, let me know.


Sorry for a the noob question
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Secret shop on TaoBao

Hey sorry to pester but I need this mystery solved.
I want to order from Taobao via TaobaoSpree and I was looking for a pair of secretshop tea party shoes but every time Im on the Secret shop webpage I can only see/find socks. Where are the rest of the items they have??:S


Much appreciated!:D<3