October 30th, 2012

Shiro Loli

Just a heads up...

For anyone who likes the page "Lolita" on Facebook, which has over 33,000 likes, then beware: it seems the person who runs it is a little unknowing, as  he or she has posted a link to a Chinese scam site, probably Milanoo.

The FB post

The scam site

Now, does this mean the page "Lolita" is Milanoo or something similar  I don't know, but I don;t think so as the user appears to be French.. But I'd watch out and warn friends about the links this very popular page is posting.
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EGL Contest Reminder for October

Dressed up for Halloween?  Want to show it off?  (Yes you do, you know you do.)  Don't forget to submit your entry to the EGL Monthly Contest: Classy Costumes! 

But how?  It's easy!  Just complete four short, painless steps.  Pay no attention to any typos.

1.  Click here.

2.  Fill out the requested form.

3.  Include a link to a photo of you in your fab creation.

4.  Wire $100 entry fee to lavenderspikes re paypal

4.  Wire $500 bribe to lavenderspikes re paypal

4.  Wire many many pretty dresses and bows and frills and oh my goodness lace mwa ha ha and oh yes those little wristcuffs that go for ridiculous prices but I just can't get enough of to lavenderspikes re owlpost

4.  Click submit and sit back!

Remember, the zombieline  vampireline  deadline is October 31st!  Be there, or be a zombie-ita.
Bravest Warriors, Catbug

Where can I buy this type of felt hat? What would I call this style?

I'm looking for a somewhat specific type of hat, one made of felt with a flat brim or one that curves up at the rim.
Like this hat from Innocent World from 2007.

Like that, or maybe not quite so tall. I think that same year Metamorphose made a similar hat but called it a boater hat. It was really tall and awkward. I think that calling it a boater hat may have been a misnomer, because I've looked several times and have not found boater hats made of anything besides straw.
If anyone knows a good place to buy a hat like that, please let me know. I'm especially looking for burgundy. Just what that style is a great help, too. (I don't really want to buy anything from taobao right now, though.)

Edit: Here's another hat I like. Too bad Innocent World doesn't have any right now, but they were pretty expensive.
They don't have to be decorated at all. I can add a ribbon or bow or corsage.

What Would You Put In Your Lolita Room?


I'm moving in with my boyfriend and I will be getting a whole room just for my lolita things! =D So, I need furniture to put in it. I was thinking a sewing table, a vanity and a day bed. Any thoughts? What would you like to have in your lolita room? Any links to cute furniture sites? Let me know what you think!! =3
  • mew2mew

I hope you are okay in North America

The huge storm "Sandy" hit North America (BBC Liveticker). When there was the earthquake in Japan, we talked about the disaster and tried to confirm that everybody was okay and searched for the lolitas, who had been to Japan these days. I think it's appropriate to do the same for our fellow lolitas in North America. It would be useful, if you could provide informations and just try to say hello and confirm that you or your fellow lolitas are alright. (I know that there are many homes without power.)