October 29th, 2012


Discussion of the flow of dresses between countries

Hi All,

Recently I've been thinking about the international(everything but Japan) second hand market for lolita and how it compares to the more closed Japanese market and other closed markets ( I think Korea has a pretty closed 2nd hand lolita market? ). I know that many international lolitas, like to buy hard to find prints of y!a and mbok, as well as 2nd hand lolita stores that ship internationally like closet child/use SS services and other means to secure items. However, I don't think I've heard of a dress originally purchased by someone internationally make its way back to the second hand Japan market. 

So I guess these are my questions:
1.) If you tend to buy a lot in the 2nd hand market where(country or continent) do most of your items come from?

2.) Have you ever heard of a dress purchased internationally make it's way back to Japan?

3.) Give some general trends you're noticed.

I guess I'll answer them for myself.

1.) Looking at my closet, about 75% of it was purchased from second hand Japanese markets as I tend to looks for certain item, and have better luck finding items on the 2nd hand Japanese market than if I'm looking on the comm sales. I've purchased items from England, Italy, and Finland.  When I sell on the comm sales, most of my items sell in the US, but I've shipped to Canada, France and Hungary a number of times. 

2.) Never, I really wonder if it happens.

3.) Most moitie I see being sold is predominantly sold from Europe. I see a lot of Baby being sold from France. AP sells a lot in the USA. Most people are willing to ship internationally even if they say they aren't in their post, as long as the buyer is willing to pay full price for shipping.

Anna House help, please?

Hi everyone!
As a new Lolita, it makes sense to me to build a basic wardrobe before splashing out on expensive brands, and I was taken in by some of the items from Anna House.

It's kinda long, so I put it under a cut (Sorry if that wasn't the right thing to do) ^^'

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Next stop: Mariana Trench

Some of may recall a post which has now been taken down in which the question how much lower Milanoo could get was bought up.

The answer is: Unless they plan to dig into the mantle; not much.

They now officially have three Tumblrs dedicated to lolita and God knows how many more for Cosplay and regular fashion.

I'm just swinging by to let everyone know: you may see yourself on one and your dress may be tagged as something from Milanoo. I don't know if there's anything you can do about it but if it were my photo I'd want to know so I could at least try to have it removed.

And if anyone hasn't figured it out already (and with the reblogs they're getting you never know)