October 27th, 2012

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November Banner Art Contest - Let's Vote!

Once again, the banner contest is here! This month we are re-visiting a few familiar submissions as well as some beautiful new artwork! Go under the cut to see all the gorgeous entries and choose the one to be featured on EGL's banner during the month of November.

Remember, this poll will only be open for 48 hours, so get your vote in as soon as possible!

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Coat and Boots in snowy winter

Hi all :)

I live in Hong Kong and I am going to spend my winter trip in Japan. I bought a long coat which stated at 90% wool. For boots, I am looking at Bodyline SHOES224 which seems it can prevent the snow melt and go inside the boots.

Does the above enough for a Snowy Winter at about -10 to -15°C?

I know this is such a silly question but it is the first time I met Snowy weather. I cannot image how cold it is since the coldest day in Hong Kong is only 7-9°C.