October 26th, 2012

Help with Hat for a Cord

Hello I am planning on buying the Infanta Butterfly Coffin Embroidery JSK Cape Set I want to pair it with a hat instead of a hair clip to match the style of this dress more.  Does anyone have any suggestions on any hats that would match?

Here is the dress

While on Etsy I did find this hat does anyone else think it would look good?  I do love the style not too sure if the color matches though.
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Sizing Question.

I am planning on buying these dresses from BL. but Im a bit worried about the sizing. I have a 78cm waist, would the largest size of these dress fit me???
Thanks in advance.

Sorry to be really confusing.
i mean if anyone happen to own them, is the measurement correct? because I bought from them before and the measurement said it was 82 cm but it turned out to be really tight on me. yes, I read the measurements. just wanted to know if the measurement is truly right. cuz I don't wanna buy something end up not being able to wear them. and if anyone have a picture worn, that would be appreciated as well.


Lolitas in Singapore? Starting a wardrobe <3

I will be visiting Singapore in December, and I am hoping to buy my very first pieces of lolita clothing to start my wardrobe. I have looked up the singaporean lolita community, but it seems.......not very lively. I have searched for stores in Singapore that sells the apparel, but I have discovered that most of it have already closed. Like Black Alice, which graduated early this year, which was really devastating as it used to sell Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
So basically I'm asking for up-to-date advice about lolita  shopping in Singapore and about starting my wardrobe. I know there are many starter-lolita posts.....but I still need some more personal advice as my situation is slightly different from all I have seen.
Some details:
I have a couple of basic blouses that aren't too fancy. A white and a black one. I was thinking about adding some lace with a little of my mum's help.
Petticoat.....I could ask my mum to sew me one. :))
I want to buy a JSK that could do for some grand (and colder) occasions. And a few SKs for casual coordinates.
I wish to start with ama or gothic lolita, because i love prints.
I think I could start with blue or pink or purple :)
I am 16 and smaller than an average petite. I wear a 75cm (B) bra and my waist is roughly 55cm but I have.....well defined hips, and I am about 160cm tall. I won't fit brand sizes but I do love AP.
Thank you for taking your time to read this, please have a nice day~

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Mixing details and prints?

Here's a question for you ladies and gents-How far do you prefer to mix prints and themed details on your coords? Do you like everything to be exactly and perfectly matched? Do you like or don't mind mixing it up? Or do you just go with whatever feels right?

Personal example: I've been considering purchasing BtssB's JSK Cherry Parade in black, it's super adorable and I've been wanting to add some more solid black JSKs to my wardrobe too. But although it doesn't have a print, it does have embroidered cherry details all over it. Now, I'm not too big into food designs, so I don't have, or would purchase, any cherry themed jewelry and whatnot to go with it. I'd probably instead wear my more usual silver jewelry that's more classic and goth themed that I typically wear with my other solid black JSKs. But would this just look stupid because of the cherry theme on the dress, even if it's not an actual print? Or is the embroidery subtle enough that it wouldn't matter?

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