October 22nd, 2012

  • lafarat

So tea-dyeing is a thing, but what about Coffee?

Quick question. I have some fabric that is in dire need of some dyeing/de-stinking. It's a curtain that's going to be re-purposed, but straight from the thrift store, it smells like mothballs and broken dreams. Tea-dyeing would take care of both problems, but as I was rooting through my pantry for a spare box of peach or lemon tea-bags, I came across my coffee can and had a brain-wave.

Has anyone ever used coffee or other things to dye lace/fabric instead of tea? Has anyone tried this and gotten bad results? What kind of color does it give?
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November Banner Art Contest Reminder

It's hard to believe October is almost over, but on the bright side, with the arrival of November comes a fresh, new EGL banner! If you are interested in participating in November's contest, remember that your submissions must be in by midnight, the evening of October 25th, PST, and absolutely must be submitted on a white or transparent background. Full details on how to enter are in this post!