October 21st, 2012


Colour question!


I am not sure about how to wear the dress below. 

I want to buy it for Christmas but since I only own white/ cream coloured blouses, I want to ask: 
Do you think I can wear this JSK with a white blouse or would it only look good with a black or red/ wine/ whatever you want to call that colour one?

Thank you for answering <3
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Rhapsody Wig upkeep ?

Hi there! I own quite a few wigs and know how to upkeep all of them except my rhapsody wig (from gothic lolita wigs.) For my straight wigs, I just comb it from top to bottom, not really paying attention to which strand goes where, and for my curly wigs I comb each curl and slightly re-curl with my fingers. But I have no idea how to comb my rhapsody wig! I'm afraid to just comb it like my straight wigs because I don't want it to get frizzy and for the curl/waves to come out. But the curls/waves are so small, it would be rather annoying to comb each one like my curly wigs. Anyone have any tips?