October 17th, 2012

Beginner to lolita, clobba/quietland help?

I know that dream of lolita, which is featured on clobbaonline and quietland, sells purely brand replicas. But is that all those two websites sell, replicas? I can't seem to figure it out if the Classical Puppets, Surface Spell, Chess Story, ect. are just replicas of other brands, or if their originals. I feel really dumb, but any help would be greatly appreciated :D

Gothic Indie Brands?

I've seen plenty of posts here that are for Indie brands that primarly deal to the sweet lolita market, and a few that are closer to the "creepy-cute" spectrum of things. While some of their stuff is cute, it sadly just is not my style at all. I'm almost strictly a gothic lolita, perhaps leaning darker classic. I'm plus-sized, so most brand dresses simply won't fit--which is why I've decided to begin looking into India brands, since most offer custom sizing.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any Gothic-inclined Indie brands, or Indie brands that come out with gothic-themed prints. I'm specifically looking for PRINTS--I can always do plenty of the solid-colored dresses myself. I'm aware of Lady Sloth on Facebook (and I'm currently in love with her Winter Cemetary print), but other than that, I'm really not sure what other hidden gems there are out there.

How do I get a feedback page? - Answered, Thanks


I am a newbie lolita, and I have been going through all the egl sales posts to get my brand fill without draining my bank account. I have brought a dress, and the girl I purchased it off asked where she can post feedback for me. I have no idea how to set up a feedback page, but I would like one as I will probably get a lot of my stuff second hand, and would like to build up some feedback in case I decide to sell something. Any help or links to older topics covering this (I did check before I posted and couldn't find anything) would be much appreciated.

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Lolitas in Thailand

Hello everyone,

To intodruce me: I am a Thai Lolita who lives in Germany and will visit my hometown and Bangkok for a long while. 
I know I am late but I wonder if there are any Lolitas living in Thailand?
I will go there on friday or 3 month so I have enough time for shopping and so on. 

My second question is: 
If is possible to wear Lolita? How is it to wear Lolita in Bangkok or in a small city like Phitsanulok (where I come from)? Are people staring? Where is the best place for Lolita shopping?

I would be very thankful for some answers ;)
Thanks <3