October 16th, 2012

Lolita video

Hello, everyone!

It's me again with new video ^__^
I must warn you that it's not a typical lolita video, more like short film that unites fantasy and lolita. We made it for Gothic&Lolita Festival this year.
The story is very-very sad. Yes, really sad.

But we tried hard to make this video complete and beautiful.
So, enjoy!
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Petticoat question

Hello, can any of you tell me what kind of petticoat is best for staying cool? Like, stiff tulle, organdie, nylon, other? I have a Malco Modes petticoat, but I get too hot when I wear it so I'm trying to find something better.
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Taobao accesory stores!

Hello lovely ladies!
I debated a lot about if I should write or not requesting help here but decided to give it a go. Please do forgive if this has been asked before, I have searched the history and didn't find what I am specifically looking for: Taobao Accesory stores!

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BtssB sizing help!

Hi all!
I'm buying Baby's Cherry Parade JSK from the outlet sale and I have a sizing question. On the website and on lolibrary, it says the waist is 68-ish (68~). On the photo it looks like it is shirred like the rest of the back but I can't quite tell with the waist ties. My question is: would it be possible that the waist wouldn't be shirred? And if anyone owns it or knows, would it fit my 73cm waist? I'm not used to brand sizing so I don't know how much allowance the shirring has.
Thank you so much!!

The SF Baby shop emailed me the sizes and they definitely fit! ^^ So happy!
So the size is 26.5inches/ 67cm up to 40inches/ 101cm for the waist.
Thanks to all your suggestions and help!
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