October 15th, 2012

"I just don't get it!"

Discussion post!
Is there anything (motifs, activities, goals, etc.) in lolita you just "don't get?" Not necessarily dislike, but simply don't understand, or can't see the appeal of? 
Please try to refrain from devolving into a replica or fur vs. no fur debate.  

I personally "don't get" Chocomint stars, fawn collars/capes, and why some people are adamant about having all parts of their life conform to the lolita style.

What to wear with my fawn print collar

I just bought a beautiful fawn print collar and I am having a hard time figuring out what kind of top to wear with it. Any advice, links, suggestions would be appreciated. I don't know why I am having such a hard time with this, I am usually pretty good at putting pieces together. I suppose it's because I've never actually seen a picture of one being worn, I just saw it and liked it, it's actually for my daughter's Alice in wonderland costume, I am trying to make it more of a genuine costume, like out of the actual novel. Mori girl suggestions are welcome too since I usually mix mori girl with lolita. :)
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Closet Child Purchasing Question

So, I ordered a JSK from closet child yesterday, and they sent me a confirmation email saying that they would show me the total price and then send an invoice after receiving my answer about buying the item or not, and that I would then have a week to pay for it. Does this mean that they're going to send me another email, or do I have to email them. I'm a little bit confused at the moment. 
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Hello there. In early August, I ordered about £80 worth of things from closet child (BPN, algonquins, etc. All in all, 3-4 longsleeved shirts.) only unfortunately, I received a package containing a AP (maybe? It looked like AP, I didn't remove the shrink wrap) bag and a hangry+angry plush. I contacted closet child about the mix-up right away and I was given lots and lots of apologies and asked to send the stuff back, which I did. I was then told that the other person (presumably who had ordered the bag+plush) would send her stuff back and they'd swap and resend. Unfortunately I haven't received anything yet, despite closet child emailing me telling me that said person has informed them that she's sent my things back. And needless to say, it's pushing the middle of October so I'm getting a little disconcerted.

What I want to ask the community (and I hope I'm right. I could only ask this on EGL, you guys are massive) is if anyone here received my things, and if they did send them back to closet child. Or if there's been a problem with sending the items and they'd consider sending them directly to me should I give proof that I ordered them. Somehow, I don't think the items were sent domestically. And I don't feel right asking closet child, because of buyer privacy and such. I don't blame closet child for this. I've been shopping faithfully with them for a good four years, and their service has always been stellar. Even thoughout this bad experience, they've emailed me back without fail regarding the status of my things. I'm just getting edgy.
Thank you very much, community.
Cure Happy, Pretty Cure

Hey everyone!

Hey, guys!
I'm coming up with a battle lolita story to post to my journal! I would like to know your ideas and gimmicks about what I should add!
So the main story is 9 different types of Lolitas but still in love with the fashion are part of a secret society called: LC (Lace). They have an enemy society called: WI (Winter). But one of the LC lolitas likes someone from the WI group and that starts a big conflict between the two groups. And so then, the two groups go into this big war that basically ruins earth... unless the girl who is in <3 stops them all.
The characters are: -Peach Yamasaki :The "most normal one"
-Momoka Chikako: the elegant one
-Etsuko Reiko: The "bad" one
-Julietta Hashimoto: the snobby and popular one
-Miyuki Kuro: the one who's super obsessive and worried about weight ;)
-Kyou Yumi: the super creative one; makes most of her outfits by herself
-Yuriko Tokiwa: The quiet one who is super smart
-Akane Amaya: The super energetic and cute gal who's a super noob to the fashion!
-Hikaru Sumiko: The one who is super rebellious and speaks her mind no matter the circumstances.
Setting: it's in the present day, In an undisclosed location! (oooh... Secrecy!)

And I know its REALLY rough but you can ask questions in the comments! So if you have any ideas or gimmicks, tell me! I'd love to know!
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