October 13th, 2012

Question about petticoats and underskirts

Hello~! I'm quite new to lolita and i'm about to make my first purchase. As I've been wearing lolita-lish clothes since I turned 13, 

I think the most important thing I need for now is a decent petticoat. I have heard that Dear Celine has some nice ones. 

My question is, which one to choose? I'm (as I'm over 20-year-old student of medicine) going for the "classical" look; elegant and sophisticated. I'm not sure which petticoat will suit me, though. I'm thinking of an A-shaped one.

Is it better for me to get a medium-puff A-shaped, bell-shaped or an underskirt?
What is the difference between an underskirt and petticoat? Will underskirt make a dress look puffy?

I want to buy this dress (http://lolibrary.org/node/14326) (Chocolate Rosette in Navy) and I'm not sure which pettitcoat will look good with it.

Thank you for your answers~!

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Review: Clobbao, Taobao shops Infanta and Surface Spell + IW customer service

Hello guys!

It's my first time posting here, and I come with a review of my first purchase of new items. All the items I've had before were secondhand. ^^

Through ClobbaOnline, I ordered Infanta's The Letter From Paris JSK in black and Surface Spell's Okra Ruffled Peter Pan blouse. I also ordered from Innocent World just before the end of their summer sales, the Ophélia JSK in black.

So here's the review, but be careful since it's a bit picture heavy! It will be divided in four parts. I hope it ends up being useful to some people!

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I hope these little reviews were interesting!

I was pleased with the quality of both Taobao items, and Clobbao was impeccable with their customer service. Innocent World was a little slow, but the communication was clear and in good English! So I guess I'll be ordering again from both places, whenever my budget allows me to spend a little on Lolita. ^^

Have a nice day!


Bubble Cafe Crafts Review

Hello everyone! A bit ago, Bubble Cafe Crafts hosted two giveaways, the prize for which was a lucky pack, one through Tumblr and one through Facebook. I won  the facebook giveaway, and I wanted to review their products and services.

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All in all, I think you get a bit more than what you pay for with Bubble Cafe Crafts. While the items are not perfect, they are more than wearable and look lovely when  used/worn. I will definitely be purchasing from them in the future and am satisfied with the quality of their items.

Thank you for reading!

question about circle lenses!

hey everyone. c:

i've been doing lolita since the beginning of the year and have expanded my wardrobe as far as clothes and accessories go, but i've yet to buy a pair of circle lenses. i've been teetering the thought around in my head for months, but i've got really bad vision and i have astigmatisms. do any companies offer prescription circle lenses? and if they do, are they ridiculously expensive? i'd like to eventually invest in some (since i wear contacts anyways), but i don't want to spend a lot on them (my regular contacts are pricey as is @__@)

any help will be appreciated! <3