October 10th, 2012

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October Theme... For Chrome!

I don't think anyone would remember, but one of my first posts to the community was posting a Google Chrome theme. Lately, for myself, I've been making themes that match EGL's theme. Well... I decided, why not share it with everyone? So... Tada here's one for October! :D I'll try to get a theme up for every month!

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angelic pretty

Art Post: Freaky Box!


Hello EGL! :) It has been quite a while since I last posted, but I figured it was beginning to be the time of my annual Halloween greeting to EGL - despite the fact that Halloween isn't quite here yet. I just couldn't help but finish this picture. :) It's my character Koneko-chan, who is -once again- sporting a print from Angelic Pretty! Click the cut to see her most recent coord!

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