October 8th, 2012

S*P Collection Socks c:

Hello everyone! I keep seeing these socks pop up on the comm sales community, but most of the time people don't seem to remember where they purchased them. I've tried running them through google image search, and I can't find an online shop that sells them either. I'm going to Japan with a friend and we both really would like to know where we can find them in Tokyo. Any help is appreciated!!

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Hello EGL!

I am considering making wristcuffs and selling them, and I wanted to do some research before I put some money into the materials!

Here's an example pair I made for myself:

I was thinking about getting pink, white, and black; and maybe sax and lavender, and a slight possibility of red and ivory. And I was thinking of charging $25 per pair.

EDIT: I was thinking $25 per pair because the lace I'm looking to use would cost around $10 per pair, and I looked at other pairs on Etsy and they seem around the same price (while brand usually goes for around $40 per pair).

So my question for you is: What colors would you be interested in? Is $25 per pair a good price?

Pricing questions?

I've been out of the loop for a while I haven't kept up with average prices. I'm trying to budget for Christmas presents for friends. :)

AatP Melty Mermaid skirt in black and purple.

Angelic Pretty Sugar Pansy OP in yellow set

Angelic Pretty Star Night Theater OP in blue or black with headbow

AatP  Scent of Rapunzel OP in green
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Question about appropriate lolita fabrics

My mother just gave me all of her old belly dancing veils... Which just so happen to be large swaths of hand-dyed silks that are in fabulous condition. One piece in particular caught my eye, and although I love the softness of the fabric and the pattern, I'm not sure if I could turn it into a good lolita dress. Or skirt, I'm not particularly choosy. But I figure three yards of fabric should be enough to make a Qi lolita dress (I'm a very... tiny person, so a yard of fabric is enough to make a skirt with enough room for a medium to light petti). But I'm a bit of a newbie to lolita, and I'm not entirely sure what's appropriate when it comes to fabric choices and prints.

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