October 7th, 2012

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Petticoats for casual

I want to wear Lolita more often but I made a pack with my folks that I'm only allowed to wear my skirts/more casual without a big poofy petticoat when I'm with them/not at meet-ups. However I feel that without one, there's no shape. 

Does anyone recommend a light poof petticoat that's fairly cheap and works with casual?

Help! ...BTSSB Package Still in Los Angeles Customs

*Update: My package is finally moving out of customs after 16 days.


I purchased three items from BTSSB's International site (dress, skirt, & jacket).  It has already been two weeks and the tracking info still reads "inbound into customs".  Is it normal for Los Angeles customs to take this long?  I tried sending an inquiry through the usps.com site, but I am still awaiting a response.  Has anyone had the same problem with their package going through Los Angeles customs?  

Thank you.

Pricing question


Mybe you can give me some info about this.

Angelic pretty re-released Wonder party this weekend. 
Now I would like to know if the price of the first release will drop now or will become higher.

I would like some information about the prices  when the sugary carnival was re-released.
and speculations about what is going to happen with the prices.

Bodyline shoes for smaller feet

Hello everyone,
I plan on placing my first order from Bodyline for a few pairs of shoes, but their sizes have me a bit confused. I went to their main international orders page to check out their international shoe size chart here and was left even more confused. I normally wear a US size 5 1/2. When I traced out my foot and measured it, I got 22 centimeters. Under the US 5 1/2 they have the conversion down as 23.1 centimeters. Then, on their site they have those funky millimeter sizings :/ Anyway, do you think a size 225 should fit all right? The shoes I'm looking at are Bodyline's 272, 267, and 167. If anyone has any experience on those shoes I'd love to hear about it, even if your shoe size is totally different. I've looked through the tags and memories to get more info, but couldn't find much info from people with smaller feet. If there's something helpful I've missed, I'd love it if someone pointed it out. What I have read so far has lead me to believe that 1. Bodyline shoe sizes vary according to shoe style, and 2. They *tend* to run large. 

By the way, this is my first post here. I actually created a livejournal account just for the lolita groups, because so much information seems to come from egl and other similar groups! I'm Cat, and I've been an admirer from a distance for years and am finally starting to build my own lolita wardrobe :) 
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good or bad lace

I'm making a Halloween skirt that features purple bow accents. I bought lace to go with it but now I'm rethinking my purchase. Is this lace acceptable to use?
I'm going to be laying it on top of tier seams of a three-tiered skirt.
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