October 6th, 2012

  • firekin

Measurements: Close Call or Kidding Yourself?

So, I'm about to buy my first brand (Angelic Pretty) piece from the sales community! YAY OMG SO EXCITED and all that, but I have one concern: measurements! I'm so used to S, M, L from non-brand and getting told "It's XXcm, but will stretch to YYcm," but brand seems less forgiving. What I'm looking at is 35cm in the shoulders (according to Hello Lace), and my shoulders are 36cm. While I'm awaiting the seller's response, I was wondering what all of you thought? Is 1cm difference "yeah, you'll be okay and have full range of movement" or "No, you will hulk out what are you thinking!?"

And just to generate discussion: As this is my first brand piece (and my one of my two dream dresses!), tell us about your first time buying brand OR your dream dress (what it was, how you felt, was it tough to acquire, did you wear it ALL THE TIME, etc?)

Thanks, Lo's and Bro's!
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  • imacori

Ordering from BABY help, please?

Hi there! :)

I tried to order from BABY, Alice Letter Set, and was following the instructions from here (http://egl.livejournal.com/6547335.html), and got an email back from BABY basically saying that I could only order that way if the item was out of stock.

I've tried to order it the, I guess you could say, 'normal' way but get stuck because I can't read Japanese ^_^' haha...

So, I guess my question is, how does one order from BABY (I live in the UK if that's relevent)  or maybe I can't just order that on it's own?

I'm so sorry if all of this is already written down somewhere (:
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Beret with ears, which brand or name?


I found a picture of the girl wearing some angelic pretty items. 

She also wore a beret with animal ears on it. It was a black beret with black ears, if I remember correctly.

I tried to find the picture again, but failed. :(

I hope someone here can help me look for it.
Every picture of maybe a brand name will help.