October 5th, 2012

Ouji Gender Play- Is it OK to Mess with Boy's and Girl's Styles?

Hello ruffly ladies and gents,

After observing from the sidelines for a few years and saving, I finally plucked up the courage to go Gothic Lolita late last year. Till now I have adhered to girl's style, skirts, pettis etc. but I've always been attracted to Ouji, and the idea of gender play. Mochizuki Jun's manga Pandora Hearts and Xerxes Break are mostly to blame for this >.> The trouble is the look I want to create, I'm not sure if it fits -.-' Perhaps this is a dumb question, but how much can you mess with Ouji and still call it that? For example, suppose in summer I wear black pumpkin shorts, vest coord BUT the vest has a cutout V back and is worn as a top? What do you call this? Does it cease to be Ouji? Just to clarify, I am a moderately androgynous girl. I'm not aiming for androgyny but kind of, hmm... the girl dressed as boy dressed as girl look (Ciel Phantomhive as Alice kind of thing). I apologise if this is a dumb question. I respect the Lolita fashion (and Teddy Boy) communities and I don't want to say I'm anything I'm not... >.> Maybe I'm just thinking of a Visual Kei-ish look >.>

Thank-you for your advice!!
P.S. I would provide pictures but I am in the process of designing the clothes to make myself, and what I own at the moment is skirts and stuff.
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Offbrand winter coats for super-cold climates?

Hi there!
I tried to look for some answers in the memories, to no avail. Since it's getting colder here, I'm looking to buy an offbrand sweet lolita winter coat, but the problem is that I need one warm enough for Canadian winters. (The coldest it tends to get is -40 Celsius, and that's when it's really bad.)

I first looked at brand but most of them unfortunately won't fit my bust, and I'd rather not squeeze into one, haha! I've been looking at Bodyline and Fan+Friend coats but I have no idea how warm they actually are. If there are any Canadian lolitas (or anyone from similar climates) with lolita coats who can recommend something to me, that'd be great! 

Thank you!
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Bodyline sizes

im going to be buying a jsk soon and i was looking on Bodylines website and i noticed that a lot of the jsk are in m. the one i want to buy is this one  in black. my measurements are chest- 83 cm. waist-65 cm. should i order a s or m? plus this is my first time buying lolita.