October 3rd, 2012

Helio color

What brand is Image Plus?

I found an OP at a local Buffalo Exchange with a tag that said "Image Plus" on it. I tried searching the name here and on Google and couldn't come up with much information on it. I'm thinking of selling or trading it, because it doesn't fit me. I was originally thinking of converting into a skirt, but seeing how cute it is as an OP, I'd much rather keep it as is and sell it to someone who can wear it.
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Remove a water stain?

A while ago a small amount of water dripped onto my IW Marie Rose and it stained it, but I've been uncertain for how to clean that. I've looked up removing water stains and also some care for IW products but there are so many different suggestions that I don't know which one to go with! The fabric is listed as polyester, but for that I saw many methods involving actually wetting the product... needless to say I'm uneasy about doing that considering what two drops of water did... Does anyone have knowledge of what's best for this item in particular? Thanks! 
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So I saw something unexpected today...

In town today I saw a nicely dressed, office-workery esque lady wearing a skirt with a very nice pattern. Then I realised I recognised that pattern, it was vampire requiem in black, but, I didn't look like a Lolita skirt in shape, it looked more like a regular smart/suit skirt, and the fabric looked shinier than I'm used to btssb/aatp's being (to be fair I haven't seen VR in the flesh, but it looked more like a silky texture than cotton to me), and I couldn't see any lace trim. Any idea where this awesome lady might've found such a skirt?
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Anime Matsuri 2013 Guests Announcement

Anime Matsuri is proud to announce Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice & The Pirates are coming back to Houston in 2013! This year will feature designers Masumi Kano (Baby) and Tomomi Nakamura (AatP), and Japan’s very own Ambassador of Kawaii Misako Aoki.

In case you missed the last Anime Matsuri, you can see the fashion show here. See you all in 2013!

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