September 28th, 2012

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Bubble Cafe Crafts - Concrit/ Giveaway!

Hello! I wanted to ask you all for your opinions of my craft shop. I am looking for constructive criticism, and would like to keep improving. I have started to make sweet jewelry, accessories and nail deco. I am also hosting two giveaways right now to win a lucky pack from my shop!

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Canada Post Issues?

Has any one else who lives in Canada had any issues with Canada Post returning packages for no reason? I just had six packages that I shipped at one time dropped off on my porch today, even though no one was home (and they usually never leave things on my porch!), with Return to Sender written all over them. Some of the packages had tracking and the tracking was never updated. I always print my labels through PayPal and I've never had an issue like this before, and now I'm wondering if I'll even be able to get a refund from PayPal from these useless labels.

I'm attemping to call the Canada Post hotline but I've been in priority sequence for 28 mins, so any insight is appreciated and would probably come quicker. -.-

(To my buyers: I've PM'd you regarding your packages. All items have been repacked and will be shipped tomorrow morning, and I will be PMing you a copy of the shipping receipt.)

*Edit* I heard back from them, their excuse is that it's paypal's/the computer's fault. -____-'